Memories. Past and Present.

Memories. Past and Present.




Memories Past and Present, a series of drawings product of the observation —from the distance— of the increasing manifestations of dissent in Colombia (and the rest of the world) in recent times. The work is a survey of the history of the sociopolitical separation in my home country and a reflection on its effects in present times.

Created from archival photographs of historical events from the 1940s and 1950s, these works are made with acrylic on different types of papers, using the halftone technique that simulates continuous-tone imagery through the use of dots, varying in size and spacing, thus generating a gradient-like effect. The result, is an abstract image at a close look that becomes clearer and takes form as the viewer gets farther from it. This works a metaphor of watching the current situation of my own country from outside.

Several works in this series have been created as diptychs or triptychs, denoting the dividing gap in our society that has subsisted since ancient times but has recently become more evident.

The intention of the work is to point to this reality of division and engage people in a critical debate around it, changing in the public their habitual way of looking and thinking, in an effort to create empathy and concord again.