In Memoriam

In Memoriam. Life goes on.


Still Missing.


In Memoriam.

The project In Memoriam explores our tenacious struggle for scopes of normality within unusual hostile situations. This body of work is based on the November 6th, 1985 events of The Palace of Justice siege in Bogota, Colombia.

The project is composed of 3 different bodies of work.

The series In Memoriam, Life goes on, is a group of 28, 11×11 inches, pencil on paper drawings made to be displayed in a grid. They are based on footage of local news covering the event live that day.  These works resembling a storyboard, illustrate the simple action of feeding pigeons. The drawings render a man in an empty space, eliminating additional details, distancing us yet further from the idea of the objective truth, they can offer us no more than a fragment of reality recalling a faded memory, focusing the attention on the person’s action. 

Still Missing, is a group of 6, 24×24 inches in diameter, plexiglass and wood circles  portraying the people still missing since the violent seizure of the Supreme Court.

The video In Memoriam conveys some known facts of the event, using animated text and sound. It includes quotes of the transcript from a live broadcasted radio interview with Alfonso Reyes Echandia, president of the Supreme Court at that moment.