A Journey into the Shadows.


The Walk.

A Journey into the Shadows. MDF, enamel, projectors, and shadows.

Based on forced displacement and migration and using tridimensional cutout drawings and different sources of light and shadows, this body of work is an exploration into the practice of drawing, addressing this practice in ways that expand its traditional limits. 

Using formal elements of drawing, the 3D works depict walking individuals, which with lights, cast overlapping shadows that create masses of unrecognizable crowds,  presenting a flexible, alternative world that can be modified, drawn and redrawn.

A Journey into the Shadows uses Plato‚Äôs “Allegory of the Cave” as a concept devised by the philosopher to think deeply about the nature of belief versus knowledge. It urges us to look beyond, to see the light, to free ourselves from the darkness, and to help others in this process.